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Rafting Boat

After an extensive research with the leading factories of rafting boats in the world, Sports Freedom has developed the innovative Sports Freedom Rafting Boat, which enters the market with the proposal to bring in one boat all that is best in other rafting boats.

The main innovation is the floor, which is surprisingly all made with electronic microwave welding, best technology to make inflatables, which makes this a very exclusive product.

balsa de rafting Sports Freedom

Another advantage of this revolutionary floor is to use high-strength seams for fixing the internal floor strips that were usually glued or welded.
When using high strength seams, the floor shall withstand much more pressure than the floors that are currently manufactured. This is very important, especially for those days of intense heat, which many floors do not support the pressure rise by the heat and end up damaging.

- The Sports Freedom Rafting Boat is made ​​with the highest quality supplies, and the air chambers are fully welded with high power welding machine for PVC, ensuring high strength and durability.

- Fixation of the feet: Sports Freedom Rafting Boats are very strong and reinforced, made ​​with seatbelt material.

- Fixation of the seats: The fixations are made of polyamide (seatbelt material) and high strength seams, making them one of the best on the market.

- Carrying handles: made of nylon and high strength seams that will not let you down when you need them.

- Internal Separators: The separators are placed inside the floor of the Rafting Boat, to make the main air chamber split into 4 independent chambers. This way, when there is a hole in one of the chambers, the others are not affected. Usually neglected by manufacturers because it is not apparent, other factories have used low quality and inefficient techniques that end up not fulfilling their important role in providing security to the rafting boat.
The internal separators of the Sports Freedom Rafting Boat are unique. They are built to withstand high pressure and will not be damaged when its use is necessary. For this we use techniques and materials far superior to our competitors, ensuring safety for users.

We can make the Rafting Boat according to your needs and conditions of the river, changing air chambers diameter and angle of the bow and stern.

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