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Worldwide success!

The Sports Freedom Parasail is a simple way to fly. Consists of an ascendant parachute specially designed to fly towed by a boat.
With proper care, allows all kind of people to feel the sensation of flying without previous lessons, requiring only some basic instructions before the flight.

Product Features:

- Able to fly with people from 40 to 130 kg;
- Uses high quality nylon fabric with wires by Rhodia ®;
- Solvent based Acronal resin on both sides, specially developed to get the maximum strength and durability for use on water;
- Enhanced with polyester strips.


alça em inox do Parasail Sports Freedom

- The handle attachment of carabiners in the flying chair is made of microfused stainless steel, without seams or welds (up to 8 tons capacity);

-  Structural belts and fixing belts of the passengers are made from super tough nylon (the same as used in safety belts in cars) with reinforcements in the areas that are most wear;

fivela do Parasail Sports Freedom

- Buckles are made from microfused stainless steel, no welds or seams;
Cadeirinha Parasail Sports Freedom

- Very comfortable and safe flight chair that does not compress the legs of the passenger;

- Maximum safety seams;
- 3 year warranty for defects in manufacturing, technical assistance and ongoing support;
- With its unique design, the Sports Freedom Parasail provides a parasail flight with low power consumption, which translates into flights with low speeds and a quick takeoff, and use of reduced weight and power vessels, like a jet-ski.

Accompanies the Sports Freedom Parasail:

Mochila do Parasail Freedom

- Backpack for transportation;

cabo Parasail Sports Freedom


- Sixty meters of towline with 10mm diameter that floats in water, with UV protection and rupture of 1200kg;


Passageiro na cadeirinha do Parasail Freedom

- Exclusive flight chair, very comfortable and secure, using
stainless steel carabiners, up to 8 tons;

CD de instruções Parasail Freedom

- CD with instruction manual with text and four videos.

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