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: What is the engine power needed to tow the Sports Freedom Parasail?
Answer: If the boat or jet ski can tow a heavy  person, probably can tow the Parasail Freedom. The minimum recommended is a boat with 16 ft long (5.4 m) and 70 hp engine.

Question: Which is the Sports Freedom Parasail velocity of flight?
Answer: The Parasail, with an adult passenger (from 65kg up to 85kg) in a place without wind and at sea level, you will maintain flight with a speed of 25 miles/hour (40km/h). - There are variables to be observed: - If it is windy and the Parasail is offset against the wind you should subtract the wind speed of flight speed and vice versa, the heavier the passenger, the higher the speed, the lighter the passenger, the slower the speed.

Question: How is the liftoff?
Answer: Liftoffs are made on the beach, margins or using a floating platform. The Parasail and the passenger should be positioned to allow its proper takeoff.

Question: Can I liftoff from the boat?
Answer: Only in boats specially designed for this type of liftoff.

Question: Can I install a winch to bring the Parasail back to the boat?
Answer: You can install the winch specially designed for this, but it is most recommended for commercial use. Typically the liftoff is from the beach or shore and the land is in the water.

Question: What is the maximum weight of the passenger?
Answer: This will depend on the size of the Parasail. The Parasail we manufacture has 26 feet and has the ability to fly with people up to 130kg. We can manufacture custom parasails with other sizes .For example, the Parasails with 24 feet has the ability to fly with people with 80kg and with 28 feet are used for commercial use in double flights.

Question: Can the Parasail lift the stern of the boat out of the water?
Answer: The Parasail Freedom does not raise the stern of the boat because its design makes it stay with the tow rope at an angle such that the resultant is always horizontal traction.

Question: What happens if the tow rope breaks?
Answer: The parasail descend as if the boat stopped, as if it were on a mini parachute jump.

Question: How is the landing?
Answer: The boat stops and the parasail starts down and lands in the water like a mini parachute jump .

Question : if I release the rope can I continue flying?
Answer: The Parasail keeps flying only when towed by the boat.

Question: How tall reaches the Parasail ?
Answer: Approximately, the maximum height will be 70 % the size of the tow cable.  You can control the height of the parasail by accelerating the boat. As you accelerate, the boat, the Parasail gains height.

Question: Is Towing Parasail difficult?
Answer: There are rules and precautions that should be followed, but flying Parasail is not hard. The one primarily responsible for the success of the flight is the pilot of the boat. You should choose the right place, the day and how to make the flight. Worldwide it is practiced by people as a leisure activity and also professionally.

Question: Is flying the Parasail dangerous?
Answer: The practice of flying with parasail is an extreme sport. Like any physical activity, flying Parasail involves risks. Physical and property damages are often caused by improper operation, negligence or inattention.

Question: What happens if, when landing, the Parasail falls on the passenger?
Answer: Although very rare , this represents no danger. The parasail has several openings in your canopy and if this happens, you should consider that it is only a cloth that is over your head: just pull the fabric or get out from under the water.

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