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Question: How powerful must my boat be to tow the Sports Freedom Disc Boat?
Answer: In order to determine the required engine power, we must considerer the relation between engine x weight x navigability of the boat. The pitch of the propeller of the boat must be chosen emphasizing strength, not speed. We have customers who tow the Disc Boat, for example, with a 90HP engine in a lightweight hull.

Question: What it takes to work with my Sports Freedom Disc Boat commercially?
Answer: Your boat must be registered for diverse commercial use, (see a naval agent for more detailed information) the pilot must have authorization to work commercially, the boat must have the required lifesaving equipment and in Brazil, a business license is also required.

Question: How do I inflate and deflate my Sports Freedom Disc Boat?
Answer: The Sports Freedom Disc Boat comes with a powerful 1200W electric inflator (also used to deflate) and a hand pump for any pressure corrections. If there is no electricity where you are working, you can use the hand pump to inflate, which is not recommended because it takes a long time and a lot of effort, or an gasoline inflator.

Question: How long does it take to inflate my Sports Freedom Disc Boat?
Answer: With the Sports Freedom inflator, around 10 minutes.

Question: How long is a tour of Sports Freedom Disc Boat? How much should I charge for it?
Answer: Normally, the tour is 10 minutes long, but is a common and recommended practice that, instead of determining the time of the tour, to find a path to be traveled by the boat. The price of the tour in Brazil may vary from R$ 10.00 to R$ 25.00 per person.

Question: Is the Sports Freedom Disc Boat dangerous?
Answer: If correctly operated, within the speed limit and with the proper amount of passengers, the Sports Freedom Disc Boat is very safe, safer, for example, than a banana boat, because it prevents falls and collisions between passengers.

Question: What is the minimum amount of passengers in Sports Freedom Disc Boat?
Answer: There is no minimal amount; it can be operated from 1 to 15 passengers. However, the smaller the number of passengers, the lower must be the operating speed.

Question: What safety equipment must be used by passengers on Sports Freedom Disc?
Answer: The use of life jacket is mandatory. We recommend the use of helmets.

Question: Will I need to adapt my boat to tow the Sports Freedom Disc Boat ?
Answer: No. Normally the boats have the hooks for skis, for example, that can be used to tow the Sports Freedom Disc Boat. It is not necessary to use equipment such as towers or other special equipment.

Question: What precautions should I take with my Sports Freedom Disc Boat?
Answer: Never store your Disc Boat wet for long periods, monitor the pressure of the air chambers if it is exposed to intense sun, do not exceed the recommended pressure in the manual, do not pull hard the towline at first: before starting to tow, the cable must be properly stretched.

Question: What happens if my Sports Freedom Disc Boat is punctured?
Answer: A small hole can be easily repaired by the Disc Boat owner. If the damage is bigger, it must be sent back to Sports Freedom for maintenance. It is rare to puncture the Disc Boat while it is in the water or on the beach. We have customers who spend several years without holes in Disc Boat. You must be careful with the Disc Boat when its folded and deflated: most holes happens when it is dragged to the ground in those conditions. When handled with care, Sports Freedom Disc Boat will not have any kind of problem.

Question : Why should I buy a Sports Freedom Disc Boat?
Answer : We are the pioneers in manufacturing of Disc Boat in Brazil and absolute leader in sales in Brazil.

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